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October 09, 2008


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It's great to have a public aquarist writing here. What do you know or think about the Sand Tiger Sharks attacking their tankmates at the Dubai Aquarium?


Jay Hemdal


No - I don't know anyone at the Dubai Aquarium, so I know just what I've read in the news articles. I can't say if the losses are excessive or not. They said 10% of the sharks were eaten, and that sounds a bit high, but think about this; the mortality rate of every group of fish in an aquarium will be 100%...eventually. In addition, I've done studies of newly imported marine aquarium fish and found the 45 day mortality rate to be anywhere from 16 to over 60% - under expert care at that!
A few aquariums here in the US have come under scrutiny for losses of sharks and rays - it seems that the medi tends to focus on the charamastic animals.


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