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February 22, 2009


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Jay Hemdal

I would like to expound a bit on my work on maximum fish sizes in captivity. There seems to be some confusion about the study. Although only 19 fish met the criteria as outlined in the project, fully 2300 fish were analyzed, it is just that 2281 of them did not meet the strict criteria:

"None of them has grown appreciably in the past two years, and all have been in captivity at least 5 years (the range was 5 to 20 years)."

Also, the ONLY conclusion that I drew from this is that the maximum size of fish on FISHBASE tends to run larger than what is seen as a maximum size in captivity - to the extent of it being 66% of that value. Remember that FISHBASE lists the maximum recorded size for a fish - not the normal adult size.



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