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    John H. Tullock is a zoologist and one of America's leading proponents of environmentally sound aquarium keeping. He is the founder of the American Marinelife Dealers Association and serves on the board of Conservation Fisheries, a non-profit that operates the only private hatchery in North America that raises endangered and threatened species of native American fish for habitat restoration and species-recovery projects. Read more...

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July 01, 2008


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This is a thoughtful, timely and important article by John from which all aquarium industry audiences could benefit. The forest through the trees metaphor might be better expressed here as the reef through the Acropora, but the meaning is the same. Not being willing to step back and see the big picture is a big problem, especialy if the goal is a sustainable hobby based on a sustainable industry based on sustainable ecosytems. Thank you, John.


Makes one wonder if Nemo helped sell more clownfishes or fewer.

Correcting the mis-impressions made by the mainstream media is mostly up to us — aquarists and aquarium professionals who care.

We're also the ones who can support the sustainable harvest (and breeding) of our livestock.

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