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January 07, 2009


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Captive Aquatics

Personally, I detest local fish stores, and recommend to hobbyists that they purchase from reputable online dealers, such as Live Aquaria.

I have visited dozens of LFS, and excepting one, they have all been an overall disgrace to the hobby. When I think of an LFS, I think of ill-informed employees, mis-stocked aquariums, fish dying of easily treated disease or by the LFS owner/employees mistakes/misinformation, and overpriced livestock. I've yet to be proven wrong. I also disagree with the customer service difference, because I receive vastly superior customer service from Live Aquaria and Premium Aquatics than I ever have at an LFS.

All in all, I think LFS are bad for the hobby, and feel that responsibly run online vendors with large, well run warehouses are superior in every way. I think that LFS cause unnecessary loss of livestock from their ignorance, and spread that ignorance to their customers. I will continue to only purchase my livestock and dry goods online. Only one animal in my half a dozen systems was purchased from an LFS, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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